Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday 29 Oct 2009

Sorry I have not blogged for a couple of days. I’ve been busy training my new human. It takes a lot of work to break-in these pesky humans. They can be very stubborn, you know. For example, it took me two times to wee wee in the house before he got the message that I need regular daily walks to do my business.

I also had to pretend that I didn’t like my comfortable, pretty red paw print Ikea bed and slept outside it before the Doofus moved it to my preferred location beside his bed. Sigh… the things us doggies have to go through. Anyway, I'm showing more of my character now and barking regularly like a normal dog.

It wasn’t all work as I did have fun though. It was hilarious running up the 18 steps to the 1st floor and then circling around pretending that I didn’t know how to come down the stairs. For a couple of days he simply carried me down each time I ran up.

After a while though, he started encouraging me to navigate the steps down. “It’s because she has a long body and short legs” he said. “She has to take one step at a time and land sideways to accommodate her body and then go down another step”. I laughed till tears ran down my cheeks.

What really made my day was him taking one step at a time and patting the next step and waiting patiently for me as I looked left, looked right, fidgeted here and there and then tentatively took a step down. It took us a total of 25 minutes to make it all the way down, and I made sure I missed the last step and landed with a loud thud on the floor just to add some drama to the whole hilarious affair.

He not only bought my act but actually praised me after every step and patted my head, saying “good girl” and “yes, that’s the way” and “good Dawn, good Dawn”. I was having so much fun I thought I should keep up the act for a while. He gave me a doggie treat for successfully coming down the steps. Of course, now I run up and down the steps like a maniac.

Talking about giving, I think I’m beginning to like this Christian thing, whatever it is. This Christian human and his Christian friends recently took a bunch of kids from an orphanage to the KL Bird park for a trip. Naturally I insisted on going also, and followed them everywhere and smelled everything and poked my nose everywhere.

However, I didn’t get to go into the bird park but I’m not bothered because I’m not really into birds. Bloody noisy creatures. If you want to see pictures me during the trip, you’ll have to wait for Sidney to upload them.

Oh yeah, we were talking about these Christians being very giving, right? Well I got some really delicious and nutritious home cooked food from Veronica, some vitamin tablets and Benovate cream from that Patrick feller and my human actually cleans my eyes and the inside of my ears with warm water every morning after I take him for a walk to the shops nearby to buy the Star newspaper.

I’ve even managed to train him to wipe my paws with a mild Dettol solution and wipe my ass after every walk before I enter my house. Not bad for a couple of day’s training, eh? I’ll whip him into shape yet. *Woof* for now