Friday, October 23, 2009

November 10 2009

Growl! I’m a bit moody today because I was forced into the forward moving square metal box. I heard Doofus tell Veronica that he was busy so she will have to look after me for a while. Huh! He doesn’t know that it is actually me who looks after them and keeps them safe from thieves. Growl!

During the ride there Doofus wound down that stupid piece of glass that always blocked me from smelling outside and Veronica held me up so that the wind blew in my hair. Wah shiok liau. I pretended I didn’t enjoy it just to show them who’s the boss but I’ll tell you a secret – I love riding in the car with the wind in my face.

Finally Doofus dropped us at the lift lobby, that familiar place again where I had to be carried up the moving square box in a blue back pack. When the blue bag was opened, I quickly jumped out and sniffed around the whole house, I ran to my favorite corner behind the computer where I always take my afternoon nap, and then the lanai area (my favorite poo place) to look at my plants and the swimming pool , I ran in to my room and sniffed at my blue bed, and then I ran to the kitchen and the drying area, when I am done with the sniffing, my mummy’s already waiting to feed me dinner.

She gave me muesli with berries, yum yum, something that I had never tried before… I didn’t realize there’s a washing machine next to me as I was enjoying my food so much, it is quite noisy actually, but I didn’t hear the noise when I was eating, because my slurping was louder.

She took me to the room and put me on my bed, asking me to sleep, luckily I had quietly pood & wee weed before she took me in, otherwise I definitely wouldn’t have been able to sleep.

I woke up feeling hungry, I was hoping that she would feed me yummy berries again, but she insisted that my ears & eyes are cleaned before she fed me, so I had to then pretend that I liked to be cleaned, but hmmm…. I quite enjoy my ears to be cleaned actually.

Ok, ok now I am clean, can I eat now? Yesterday she bathed me and said I was dirty, this morning cleaned my ears & eyes calling me dirty again… what do you want me to do, my previous owner didn’t teach me to clean myself. Oh.. oh… she seen my poo. Eh… she didn’t scold me, instead she called me a good girl saying that I pood at the right place near the bathroom door.

She cleaned my poo just as I had trained her and went to the kitchen so I followed, I smelt something garlicky but I had no idea what she was doing, I got so excited I kept jumping up & down, but no matter how high I jumped I still couldn’t see what was in the pot. When she saw my excitement, she told me “Baby… I stir fried Pig tongue’s with garlic for you, you be a good girl ok”. I had never tasted pig tongue before but it does smell good so I followed her as close as possible, as I couldn’t wait to eat.

Wow! Pig’s tongue taste really good, I walloped the whole bowl of tongue; I am too full now that I have to take a short nap. She carried me in her arms, cleaned my paws, petted me and combed my hair, I felt so pampered and I immediately fell asleep.

When I woke up, I heard water sounds in the bathroom, she must be taking a shower I thought, I need to wee again, when is she taking me for a walk? I quietly went back to my favorite corner behind the computer, but I was still restless as I needed to wee… so I had decided to wee nearer to my nap corner, “Baby girl” I heard her screaming, and she carried me to the bathroom on the cloth where I wee weed last night. Sigh… I have no idea what she is doing, I am sleepy and lazy she has to learn how to be more considerate.

I saw her packing some stuff, she must be taking me for a walk, she opened the door, carrying so many bags with her and closed the door. Hey! What about me? The blue bag is still on the floor! That means I’m not going anywhere. Since she didn’t want to take me with her I will have to be patient and teach her some more.

I wee weed on the living room near my napping corner, and then suddenly the door opened and she ran to me, carried me to the cloth right in front of the bathroom, but I had done my wee and I have nothing to release anymore. I saw her wiping the floor, the phone cable was drowned in my wee… Hee hee, I heard her saying “luckily the modem is not wet”, maybe she was referring to the blue square thing.

She finally put me in the blue bag pack and carried me, each time she carried me in this blue bag, she would whisper to me “quiet Dawn.. quiet”. I came here to stay with her for 2 days before, the last time I wee weed near the rubbish bin in the kitchen, she carried me to the bathroom, when I wee & poo at the lanai she scolded me bad girl, these damn humans are so confused, where am I actually supposed to wee & poo? I wish they will make up their minds but in the meantime think I will just wee on any cloth near my eating place, to let them figure out what to do.

Sigh…a dog’s work is never done.