Monday, December 14, 2009

Doggie Pool

This morning, I woke up extremely excited I was going round and round in circles, jumping up and down. I was told that I would be staying over with Veronica for a day. I immediately did my poo & wee after my breakfast, I was so excited I couldn’t wait any longer to get out of here; it is no fun staying home alone you know.

Eeiii…. What happened? This is not the normal route to Veronica’s place, we ended up in a place where we had to go through a few human beings, Doofus says they are the most unfriendly security guards, I have no idea what he meant as I am always so friendly with everyone. Suddenly a young man came to our square box, I now know it is called “the car”, I even know how to spell it “C…A…R” see how crever I am.

Doofus called the nice young man “Shem”, he went into the back seat, as the front seat is only for Veronica & me, she always carries me on her lap and I enjoy sticking my head out the window and cleaning my teeth with fresh air, but she is not here now L, Doofus is such an idiot, if he picked up Veronica first I would have had my teeth brushed, now she is going to complain that I have bad breath.

Hey…. We are approaching Veronica’s place, I recognize this route, it is very near and I know I am suppose to be in my carrying bag already. I keep very quiet as darkness is all I can see now…… “Ting” it is that sound again, so I must be there very soon. I heard Veronica’s voice…. Yeh….. I am here!

She unzipped the blue bag and took me to the bathroom, telling me “baby girl, you’re going to be clean clean soon”. Big sigh… am I that dirty, why each time when I see her she has to clean me, can’t she do something else other than cleaning me? I know I didn’t brush my teeth this morning, but that doesn’t mean I am dirty, I just have not brush my teeth yet. It is not my fault; it is all Doofus’s fault.

Anyway…. I am enjoying my hot water shower. Veronica scrubbed me until my whole body was full of bubbles. You do know that dogs do like playing with bubbles, don’t you? They float in the air, silly. I am always so curious why bubbles can fly and always chase them. Oh no, Veronica washed away all my bubbles! Oh No! She is done with my shower already.

Hey…. Not so fast lah, there’s still a bubble in the corner! Sigh… gone. This time I didn’t have to rub myself on the cloth, she carried me in her arms and dried me. Veronica said I am doing a doggie SPA, more pampered then her. What is SPA though? These humans are such strange creatures; always speaking in foreign words that I cannot understand. I must teach them my language so that they can communicate more effectively with me.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my old friend “Ace”. We met at PAWS and he taught me how to growl menacingly at those horny street dogs when they made rude jokes about me being a pedigree girl dog abandoned by my owners. I’m supposed to teach him how to be a pool shark. He plays billiards reasonably well, but for the life of him he cannot learn to call out the pocket before potting the ball.

Doofus videotaped my teaching session and Veron edited it and laid a soundtrack on it so that I can post it here. Be sure to watch it, k?

In the meantime I gotta ask you readers what is a “sale”? Apparently Doofus saw this sale thing in the newspapers and told Veron about it and they both got so excited. Luckily they didn’t circle round and round like me. I mean, they would have looked pretty stupid, right? Humans are just too huge for that kinda thing.

Anyway, back to my story. I only read the sports section in the newspaper. You can ask me anything about Federer, Nadal, Kournikova, Tiger Woods, Beckham or Tevez. But I donno who or what is “Sale”.

Veron and Doofus drove to a place called a Hypermarket and parked in the covered area next to the entrance. They left the windows slightly open and told me to guard the car for a short while.

When they came back an hour later, they laughed like idiots to see me sleeping on the front seat. I mean, hello? What was there to guard? Anybody in their right minds would have stolen a cute little doggie like me and left that rotten car, right? Right? Anyway they seemed happy with me so I didn’t bother to scold them.

They took me to a park and let me loose without my chain. Big mistake. Heh heh heh. I dutifully followed them around for a while before I took off to explore on my own. I pretended I didn’t hear their frantic calls to go back to them.

I had fun running here and there but then I jumped into some muddy grass. Yeeech! That’s when Doofus caught up with me. He was panting and sweating, but he had a huge grin on his face. “Hey! I can somewhat jog again” he told Veron. “I haven’t been able to move fast after the accident. I was so stiff. I must be healing”.

Hmmm. Whatever. They were so happy they didn’t seem to mind the mud on my legs and paws. I’ve told you before, haven’t I? These humans are nice and all, but they can be pretty strange.

Veronica promised me she will bring me a new friend next week, her name is Roseline. Rozy is 8 months old, she is Michelle and Lee’s puppy, they will be in Cyprus for their Christmas holiday, so Rozy will come staying with us for 2 weeks. I can’t wait to meet my new friend. I have to plan our games, as I heard from Veronica, Rozy is very active, and she will disappear under the furniture in a flash if you don't watch her.

I also heard that it was Patrick’s birthday yesterday, and all of them went for Japanese buffet lunch, but they didn’t bring me along. They must have felt bad that they didn’t let me wish Patrick happy birthday, so Doofus came back to pick me up after church, and we went to Patrick’s house.

Veronica went there to pick up a huge piece of wood that is 4 times my size, strange looking piece of wood with metal strings, it makes sounds. I didn’t see pesky there this time, his name is Bao Bao, he was chasing after me the last time we went for movie in Patrick’s place, I was so afraid of him I ran to Veronica and she had to carry me on her lap throughout the whole movie, yet he was still trying to jump up and get me.

More stories later. A big wet *woof* for now.