Friday, October 23, 2009

Monday 19th October 2009

I went for walkies with Dave in the morning and did my wee wee at various spots to mark my territory. Gotta show these Bandar Kinrara dogs who’s boss. Then he heated up my healthy gourmet doggy meal and made me wait till it completely cooled down before I could eat it.

After eating, I circled clockwise continuously to let him know that I needed to poo poo but he just laughed at me and called me a silly dog. I just might change your name to “circular” he grinned. I tried one last time – I circled anti-clockwise to let him know that I couldn’t hold it any longer and then I proceeded to poo pood into my food bowl.

The smile left his face as he grabbed me and put me on a pile of newspapers that he had put in a corner of the bathroom. “Bad dog! Bad Dawn! Bad girl!” he kept scolding me. “Poo poo here on the newspapers”. What! On the newspapers? Is he mad? But I had told him, hadn’t I? It’s not my fault if he’s illiterate in doggy-speak. Maybe I should send him to obedience school. He seemed pretty obedient to Veronica. She must have trained him well. She and I definitely need to talk about him.

He left me alone again in the house for a few hours and when he returned he had bought me two doggy beds from Ikea. One for his house and one for Veronica’s place. At night I fell asleep on my new Ikea bed. I like this life so far.